Five Beliefs To Unlearn For Better Mental Health

unlearning behaviors for your mental health

Learning something new may be difficult, but the task of unlearning deeply held false beliefs proves even more challenging for most people. Whether you realize it or not, we all hold on to beliefs about ourselves and life that we have accepted as truths from our families, society, TV, education, or experiences. Most of what we learn as we grow and mature molds and shapes us in beautiful ways, making us more intelligent and more aware of ourselves, but in the mix of all of the good we absorb are false beliefs that can be holding us back and poorly affecting our mental health.

Looking critically at your actions and why you say or do things will help you identify the underlying beliefs you hold about yourself. When we carry negative beliefs about ourselves that weigh us down internally, this will manifest downstream as negative self-talk and a poor state of mental health. Retraining how we think about ourselves by unlearning these false beliefs will help bring about positive self-regard and positive changes to our mental health. Below are some common false beliefs that deep down people believe to be true, perpetuating poor mental health.

  • “I can’t show people my real self because they may judge me.” Believing this creates anxiety and self-judgment by over-fixating on how others perceive you. This belief works to disconnect you from yourself and others, which prevents closeness in relationships and leads to feelings of isolation.
  • “It’s too late for me to …” Whether you long for a career change or to finally meet the right person, thinking that it’s “too late” for it to happen for you creates feelings of sadness, discontent, and hopelessness.
  • “I’m not good enough.” Having the view that you aren’t good enough or deserve something denies your self-worth and blocks you from feeling fulfilled or optimistic about your future.
  • “Other people are to blame for my problems.” Thinking that others are to blame for your problems leads to not taking responsibility for yourself and feeling a lack of control and autonomy over your life.
  • “I don’t need help from anyone.” When you believe that you don’t need help from others, you put too much burden on yourself to solve any problem you encounter. Believing this makes you feel weak or shameful if you receive help from others and leads to feelings of isolation and seclusion as you willfully separate yourself from the community.

Unlearning beliefs that do not serve you is a powerful tool to help change your wellbeing in life. As we grow and evolve, we need to reevaluate and correct our thinking around the lessons we’ve learned in the past that may not have actually been good for us and could be holding us back from living our lives freely and on our terms. If you or a loved one is experiencing challenges with their mental health, contact Avalon Malibu. Avalon Malibu is a California state-licensed mental health and substance abuse treatment center that can help you in your addiction recovery and mental health struggles. With our help, you can overcome the challenges facing you and can return to living a life of personal freedom, balance, and self-love. To find out more about our services, call us at (844) 857-5992.

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