Expressive Arts Therapy

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Many people struggle with feeling anxious or depressed or angry, and they find it hard to talk about it. For many previous generations, it’s been a challenge to talk about feelings because we’re told to suppress it and hold it deep inside. We hold it in, expecting the pain to fade away – but when it doesn’t, we find ourselves searching outside for solutions, and in many cases, that’s when addiction becomes part of our daily routine. Recovery is a time when we can release some of what’s been holding us back – to talk through the challenging emotions and find healing.

Expressive therapy uses music, art, dance, poetry and other creative instances within the context of psychotherapy or rehabilitation. Addiction recovery is about working through some of the hardest experiences and emotions that we’ve held onto for so many years, and expressive arts therapy can help us reach this place in a way that simply talking about it can’t.

Previous studies have shown that expressive arts therapies can work wonders for those in recovery, especially alongside other treatment practices like meditation, yoga, nutrition management and more. Other studies have shown that expressive art therapies can help those in recovery understand their thoughts and feelings better, which helps a person become stronger in moving towards healing and restoration. For those who are seriously considering expressive arts therapy, it’s important to understand the many factors that go into it, such as: 

  •   Learning how to process recovery and what it means
  •   Exploring the people, places, and things that affect us and make us want to relapse
  •   Developing coping strategies
  •   Instilling hope for sobriety

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