Fergie and Addiction

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Celebrities are often looked at by people all around the world, in magazines, the TV screen, in books and more. They have a considerable influence on how people think about themselves and life. Celebrity stories do have the power to change people’s lives, whether for good or bad. Fergie is a singer with a very powerful addiction story that needs to be told. Fergie previously struggled with crystal meth addiction, and she has told numerous sources that she dealt with daily hallucinations. Understanding what Fergie went through and what led to her 18-year sobriety may help others in recovery to remain diligent in their healing journey.

Crystal meth can cause hallucinations, strange behavior, panic attacks, psychosis, and more. Fergie has even told sources that she dealt with substance-induced dementia at some points in her life. The singer was addicted to the substance back when she was part of the group Wild Orchid and was still addicted even after leaving the group. Fergie, 42, once told the story of a time when she was so high on crystal meth that she thought the CIA, FBI, and SWAT teams were following her. She explained that these agencies were trying to kick her out, and she was so paranoid that an infrared camera was in a church trying to look for her.

She had to explain that at that moment, she thought everyone was chasing after her – even people in the church that she was in were trying to run down the aisle and catch her. In reality, it was all the substances she’d been taking – but it was so hard to differentiate those feelings because she was so intoxicated.

That moment really stood out for Fergie, and that’s what showed her that she needed to seek treatment and begin healing. 

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