Fergie’s Story Behind Addiction

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Celebrities shape the public perception, endorse values and beliefs, and influence people. The stories of celebrities in the United States have the propensity to challenge others and inspire them, no matter the story. Fergie is no exception – the singer has shared her story of addiction with millions, and her 18 years of sobriety has impacted many. Billboard states that Fergie really struggled with crystal meth addiction, and she found herself “hallucinating on a daily basis”. Understanding what Fergie went through and what led to her 18-year sobriety may give you further hope in your own journey through recovery.

Crystal meth can cause hallucinations, erratic behavior, panic, psychosis, and more. As Fergie told a British news publication, “At my lowest point, I was [suffering from] chemically induced psychosis and dementia.” The singer was addicted to the substance back when she was part of the group Wild Orchid, and was still addicted even after leaving the group. Fergie, 42, explained a time when she was so high on crystal meth that she thought the CIA, FBI, and SWAT teams were following her. She described the experience as this:

“They tried to kick me out, because I was moving down the aisle in this crazy way, as I thought there was an infrared camera in the church trying to check for my body…I bolted past the altar into the hallway and two people were chasing me. I remember thinking if I walk outside, and the SWAT team is out there, I was right all along. But if they’re not out there, then it’s the drugs making me seeing things and I’m going to end up in an institution.”

That moment truly awakened Fergie to her battle of addiction, as she described that moment in the parking lot as “freeing”. New York Daily News states that hypnotherapy has worked very well for Fergie, and it continues to help her relax. Fergie stated for People Magazine, “I thank the day it happened to me. Because that’s my strength, my faith, my hope for something better.” Although Fergie really struggled with crystal meth addiction, that one memorable night led her to recovery. It showed her that she deserves more than this, and that she can lead a happier, healthier life. Millions of stories are like Fergie’s, and their stories of recovery can be yours too. Make the decision to seek help today; it’s never too late.





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