The Benefits of Self-Exploration in Recovery

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Art Therapy for Recovery

Many philosophers speak of self-discovery, whether they call it that name or refer to it as self-knowledge. It is believed that the best way to heal your mind is through learning about it. The transcendental philosophers believed that self-knowledge was the gateway to true freedom from fear and suffering. Many mental health therapies have adopted this concept. By learning our fears, our triggers, and our emotions, we can better understand how to control them or avoid them. This is often the first step in many recovery therapies.

Writing Therapy 

One of the most common ways people learn about themselves is writing. Humans have been keeping diaries and written accounts of their lives for centuries. It is also a common staple in many therapies. People use mood journals to track their emotions and understand their triggers. People also keep track of behaviors, whether they are trying to sustain healthier habits or break bad ones. Writing can be the easiest and most beneficial way to learn about yourself. It’s also beneficial to have a record to look back on and see how far you have progressed, understand how you have matured over time, and perhaps where you can still use some work. 

Art Therapy

Art therapy is a great form of self-exploration because it allows us to express our thoughts and emotions in images. Professionals who conduct art therapy sessions are schooled in concepts that allow them to help patients understand their choice of colors or why some paint strokes are softer or harsher than others. It is also tangible evidence of our willingness to grow and learn. The art we create in art therapy can be kept to remind ourselves of our progress, just like journals.


Many therapies allow us to learn more about ourselves, our habits, and our emotions as a way to heal and move forward. We can’t prevent the things that cause us unhappiness if we do not know what they are. This is why self-exploration is important. At Avalon Malibu, we understand that re-connecting with the mind, body, and spirit is crucial during recovery. Located in beautiful Malibu, California, Avalon provides a continuum of care designed to support you throughout your recovery.  We offer a wide variety of treatment options and will collaborate with you to create a personalized rehabilitation experience designed to meet your unique needs. Our dedicated team of mental health professionals can equip you with the right tools to cope with daily stresses help you develop the self-knowledge necessary for long-term recovery. To learn more about our treatment options and how our highly trained staff can help you throughout your recovery journey, call us today at (844) 857-5992.


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