The Most Common Anxiety Triggers and How to Manage Them

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Whether you have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder or not, it can creep up in little moments throughout our daily life. Moments where we are suddenly asked to give a speech that we have not prepared for are often enough to send anyone into an anxiety attack. Hearing sudden sad news that was unexpected can easily leave us feeling hopeless, lost, and panicked. The following are some very real anxiety triggers that anyone may experience:

  • Stressful job
  • Long-term stress
  • Health concerns including pain, cancer, disease, etc.
  • Having too much time to think
  • Feeling stuck in life with no goals or plans
  • Negative messages seen on the media
  • Unhealthy coping behaviors
  • Distressing thoughts

Most often our triggers come from either natural events or from within ourselves; if we allow ourselves to become worked up over our own thoughts, this can trigger our anxiety and even panic attacks at times. Healthline notes many effective and healthy strategies to better manage our anxieties:

  • Eating a balanced and healthy diet
  • Limiting caffeine and alcohol consumption
  • Getting adequate amount of sleep
  • Exercising regularly
  • Meditating
  • Engaging in hobbies
  • Talking to a therapist

One of the best tools you can give yourself is to recognize your triggers before diving into them emotionally. Physically speaking, a lot goes on beneath the surface of anxiety.

The Guardian states that when a person becomes stimulated by an anxiety trigger, a variety of regions within the brain are activated, including the amygdala, responsible for the processing of emotions. The prefrontal cortex tightens control over this area, and if there is no real threat, the amygdala becomes suppressed. For those with anxiety, however, the amygdala does not suppress, causing the person to experience increased heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, and body temperature.

Practice controlling your breathing and be kind to yourself. Say no to requests that will push your mental health over the edge, and practice regular healthy coping exercises to stay well. Recovery is possible.






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