A Responsible Vacation in Recovery

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A Responsible Vacation in Recovery

Your journey in recovery should never prohibit you from biking, flying, or driving to your favorite vacation spot. Organizing travel is stressful, especially when a large party is attempting to sync their schedules, and leaving your home is disruptive to your daily routine, but facing these stressors is not impossible. Be aware of the risks you may encounter on vacation, and plan accordingly.

Do Not Vacation in a Place Where Drugs or Alcohol are Abundant

Wineries, breweries, distilleries, and (in locations where the practice is legal) marijuana dispensaries are often beautiful and fun vacation spots, but spending all your time in a facility that produces alcohol or drugs may trigger anxiety and increase risk of relapse. When planning your vacation, make sure you aren’t heading toward a destination where substance use is a major activity. Vacation spots that offer a variety of activities can satisfy your needs as well as the interests of friends or family who may choose to enjoy substances in healthy amounts.

Bring a Strong Support Group

Make sure that your travel buddies are aware of your sensitivities and preferences before you embark. They want you to have fun and prevent you from feeling any stress or anxiety due to nearby substance use. When you are honest about your fears, they will be better equipped to avoid any triggering situations and support your mental and emotional health. Friends and family who would prefer a wine tasting or brewery tour may not be the best choices for your support group.

Consider Other Triggers

Just because you ventured to a remote vacation spot far from any alcohol or drugs does not guarantee that you will not encounter any triggers during your vacation. Before you leave your home, devise a list of triggers and corresponding coping strategies with your therapist. Accumulating stress during vacation may lead to relapse after your fun in the sun (or snow!) ends. You cannot anticipate every stressor you will face, but preparing for certain experiences may prevent relapse and preserve good mental health.

Vacations should be relaxing and enjoyable, so be sure to set yourself up for success by planning accordingly. At Avalon Malibu, our dedicated team of mental health professionals can equip you with the right tools to cope with stress in any environment, enabling you to better handle various situations outside the facility. Our commitment to offering diverse treatment options means that each person can enjoy a unique rehabilitation experience tailored to their individual needs.

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