5 Ways To Have The Best Sober Summer

Tips For A Sober Summer

Summer is here and your sobriety is fresh. Worst summer ever? Definitely not! Though your first summer in recovery can be awkward at times, it will be full of amazing memories and growth as you learn just how incredible living sober can be. Summer is the perfect time to learn.

  • Go To The Beach: If you are lucky enough to live near the beach, there are few better ways to pass your summer days. Summer doesn’t last all year long. Soaking up all the extra Vitamin D and healthy nutrients from the sun supports your mental health recovery. Being near the water is scientifically proven to make you feel more calm, well, and relaxed. The sounds of the wave, the squawking of the seagulls, and some sand between your toes will make for a relaxing summer occasion. For those in recovery for drug and alcohol addiction, summertime beach days can be triggering as many people bring substances to the beach. Pack a cooler full of fun sodas and plenty of water along with your favorite snacks. Bring boogie boards, beach games, and a good book. As the natural pH of the ocean and all the sunshine brings you to a happy and mellow state, drugs and alcohol won’t come to mind. All you’re going to feel is gratitude.
  • Explore Local Parks: Hiking during the summertime is a fun way to get great exercise, spend time in nature, and explore new areas in your neighborhood. Research has found that spending time in nature, even just seeing greenery, significantly lowers stress levels and increases feelings of wellness, health, body image, and self-esteem. At a local adventure shop, pick up a park and trail guide for your county. Pack all the essentials, including a pocket meeting guide. At the summit, or after a hike, host a short recovery meeting and share about the wonders of nature- and being sober.
  • Live Stream Music Festivals: Sometimes a first summer spent sober can be accompanied by FOMO, the fear of missing out. Going to highly sought after music festivals sober is possible and done by many, but might be too triggering and overwhelming in the first year. Instead of trying to cope with confusing feelings about not being there because of your sobriety, bring the music festivals to your sobriety. Many people live stream their experiences there. Invite friends over, dress the part, and have a dance party in your living room. With other recovery peers, you have understanding friends to talk to when triggers or challenging emotions come up.
  • Become A Better Cook: Summertime is full of fresh fruits and vegetables which only come once a year. Indulge in the season’s produce by becoming a better cook for yourself. Part of a recovery program is self-care, which includes being able to feed yourself in a nourishing, healthy, and balanced way. Buy a recipe book, look up recipes online for an ingredient you’ve found, or attend a local cooking class. Have others come over and experiment in the kitchen with you. Cooking is a wonderful way to practice a little bit of humility, build your self-esteem, and have fun.
  • Volunteer For Sober Events: Most recovery support groups host fun barbecues, beach days, and camping trips all summer long. Sign up for as many as you can for sober bonding, meetings in cool places, and making memories. If they ask for volunteers, sign up to organize, clean up, or bring supplies. You’ll meet new recovery peers and learn that having fun sober is nothing short of realistic.


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