Taking Milestones and What They Mean

Taking Milestones and What They Mean

If you are brand new to recovery, you may not know what all the jargon means. Twelve steps are mentioned often, and you know that people go to gatherings that are called meetings, but that might be the extent of your knowledge.

To admit that you suffer from substance use disorder is very difficult. It is hard for us because it is a disease that tells you you do not have it in the first place. To get to those first 24 hours sober is sometimes the hardest part. It is important to remember that recovery is a journey, not a race.

Everyone does this thing one day at a time, just like the rest of us. Those who reach these milestones are usually awarded a chip that has the amount of time on it.

First 24 hours

At meetings, you will hear people ask if anyone in the room is a newcomer. A newcomer is anyone in their first 29 days of recovery. It could seem strange to watch people clap and get excited about taking a chip for a handful of days sober. However, we have all been in that place at some point. For some of us, the first 24 hours seemed impossible, let alone 29 days.

It was difficult to admit complete surrender and that we are alcoholics or addicts because of whatever prejudice we have against the term itself. Because of how difficult it is, people rejoice at the fact that you are still alive and have made it this far. It is essential to acknowledge that this can seem challenging to achieve.

30 days,60 days,90 days

After a month’s continuous recovery, you get awarded a 30-day chip. As mentioned before, milestones are a huge deal, and we know how difficult it has been to get an entire month of continuous sobriety. Then come the 60 days chip and the 90 after that.

6 months and 9 months

This can seem impossible for a lot of us. Having that much time without a drink or drug seems way too difficult. We must remember to count our days. Think about each day as a new milestone, and remember that it is one day at a time.


Once you get to one year, you get to share about how you got to this place. Typically it is celebrated with a cake, and it is a very special occasion. After that, you get chips by the year. However, usually, these chips are not plastic and feel more substantial.

Taking a chip is crucial because it shows newer people that it is possible to stay sober. When you share your journey with others, they can see that there is hope for themselves as well. One day they too could accomplish that.

Avalon Malibu celebrates all recovery. Every milestone in recovery is worth celebrating, so if you or a loved one is struggling, call today for help at (844) 857-5992.

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