Gift Ideas for Sober Loved Ones


With the holiday season now at our doorstep, the expectation of giving our loved ones the best gift possible comes along with it. Gift-giving can bring so much joy and, in the same breath, feel very challenging, depending on who it’s for and what the person means to us. Being particular about giving gifts to our loved ones in recovery is important because we want to make sure that our present doesn’t risk their sobriety while also supporting their new life. 

Give Them an Experience

Have they been talking about wanting to try a new hobby? Have they recently got really into yoga? Do they love to hike? Do they love music? Gifting someone an experience to try something new, or share something together, is a beautiful way to show your sober loved one that they are loved and care for this holiday season.

Write Them a Letter

A significant portion of recovery is about re-establishing relationships with ourselves and our loved ones. Writing a letter to someone you love that is in recovery, telling them truly how you feel about them and what they mean to you, is a very intimate and personal way of showing how much you care about them.

Give Them an Inspiring Book

One of the greatest lessons we can learn through recovery is that we are always discovering ourselves, and it seems so many other people have figured that out too! Hence the thousands of self-help books out there. Giving your loved one an inspiring book, whether fiction or nonfiction, can be an excellent gift for your loved one in recovery.

Self Reflection Journal

During recovery, self-reflection is a huge part of the process of healing and leading a happy, healthy life filled with happy, healthy relationships. Having a journal meant for this type of reflection is a great tool and often a big part of our own internal support system.

Meditation Resources

Meditation has been proven to soothe the nervous system, ignite a more profound sense of presence and help the brain to reset to its natural state. This centeredness helps create a more present life with deeper, more meaningful relationships. Many people in recovery take up meditation as a tool that enhances and enlivens their recovery. There are many books, apps, music, and classes that can help those either experienced or completely new to meditation.


Gift-giving can be perplexing under the best of circumstances, but buying a present for someone in recovery can be especially challenging. Yet, some of the simplest gifts can make a dramatic impact – like the gift of time or the gift of kind words. The holiday season can be especially challenging for those in recovery. You are not alone in your struggle. At Avalon Malibu, we have a dedicated staff with expertise in relapse prevention. We have implemented safety policies to ensure we keep both our clients and staff safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic so you can feel safe seeking help from us. If you or someone you love is struggling with the turbulence of the holiday season, call us today at (844) 857-5992.

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