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How Music Therapy Helps Anxiety Treatment

Music Therapy

Elton John quoted, “Music has healing power. It can take people out of themselves for a few hours.” Music therapy helps to release stress. By listening to your favorite song or enjoying an invigorating cry with the help of a Read More ›

The Connection Between the Mind, Body, and Music

The Connection Between the Mind, Body, and Music

Music has been used for thousands of years to treat psychological disturbances and physical illnesses. Research continues to demonstrate that this traditional knowledge has merit; music is an effective therapeutic intervention for mental health disorders and addiction. Clients can get Read More ›

How Music Affects Mood

How Music Affects Mood

Whether you prefer country music, techno-pop beats, or the dramatic swell of a symphony, the music you listen to can elevate your mood. Recent studies conclude that even “sad” music can be uplifting. When engaged in a therapeutic setting, music Read More ›

How Can Music Help Me Emotionally?

smiling woman listening to headphones

Emotions are central to human existence. Happiness, sadness, pain, joy, fear, jealousy, shame, guilt, love, anger and more are all very real, very raw emotional experiences. Many times, however, we don’t always know the safest way to express these emotions Read More ›

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