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How Psychodrama Helps People in Recovery

the benefits of psychodrama

To better understand the concept of psychodrama, let’s start by breaking down the word itself. The word “psycho” derives from the Greek psyche, which means heart, mind, soul, and spirit, while “drama”, which is also derived from Greek, refers to

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Yoga for Any Age


“I’m too old for yoga.” “I could never bend that way.” “I won’t fit on a yoga mat.” These common fears often hold people back from practicing yoga – but the truth is that yoga can be for practically anyone.

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Everything You Need to Know About Psychodrama


For decades, healthcare professionals have explored different ways to help treat things like mental illness and addiction. Unfortunately, these struggles often co-occur. For example, a person that is battling with substance use disorder (SUD) may also suffer from depression. Addiction

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Bipolar Disorder

Unfortunately, education on mental illness is greatly lacking in today’s society. As a result, the issue doesn’t receive enough support. Scenes of people acting out or breaking the law due to mental illness often perpetuate stigmas. People who don’t know

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