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Putting Your Recovery First

Putting Your Recovery First

Putting your recovery first can be challenging, especially on the days when healing feels particularly hard. Sometimes healing makes you feel on top of the world, and other times it can leave you feeling as if you are hanging on Read More ›

The Power of Family Therapy

couple holding hands during therapy

Family therapy can be an opportunity for healing that individual therapy sometimes cannot provide alone. Healing relationships with your family may feel challenging, especially if there have been conflicts and experiences that have resulted in feeling disconnected from your family Read More ›

Self-Discovery Through Therapy

monochrome photo of thoughtful woman sitting on sofa

Therapy can help you learn about yourself and discover your character and what motivates you as an individual. If you crave a deeper relationship with yourself, therapy can anchor you into self-discovery, self-empowerment, and self-trust. For it to work, you Read More ›

How Psychodrama Helps People in Recovery

the benefits of psychodrama

To better understand the concept of psychodrama, let’s start by breaking down the word itself. The word “psycho” derives from the Greek psyche, which means heart, mind, soul, and spirit, while “drama”, which is also derived from Greek, refers to Read More ›

Yoga for Any Age


“I’m too old for yoga.” “I could never bend that way.” “I won’t fit on a yoga mat.” These common fears often hold people back from practicing yoga – but the truth is that yoga can be for practically anyone. Read More ›

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