The Importance of Family Therapy

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The Importance Of Family Therapy

At Avalon Malibu, we know addiction is complex and, therefore, affects the entire family. We know addiction can cause you to act out of character and cause unwanted damage to relationships. However, when you seek treatment for your addiction, there is an opportunity for family therapy. Family therapy can be more than just a way to repair relationships. If treatment with us is the right fit for you, family therapy is something we can offer that you may want to consider for many reasons. Family therapy creates a safe space for you and your family with guidance from a therapist. 

What to Expect From Family Therapy

Family therapy is a safe and neutral space. Here, family can gather and speak about any issues that may be on their mind. If you are a client at Avalon Malibu for addiction treatment, family therapy will be offered to you. Depending on your needs, family therapy may be right for you. A therapist will be present and able to guide the discussion if needed. They can ensure everyone is respectful and gets a chance to speak without interruptions. One main goal of family therapy is that everyone involved feels heard and seen. 

When you are in addiction treatment, it can be common for some families to have concerns regarding treatment. These concerns can be addressed in family therapy. Some other common things you can expect out of family therapy could be dependent on the therapist. Every therapist has their own approach. However, it can be crucial in family therapy that the therapist remains neutral. The therapist in session will typically have some set rules. These rules will ensure everyone can speak without any issues like arguments occurring. 

Family therapy can also be a place for you to share any thoughts or concerns with your family. In this case, the therapist can ensure that your family understands what your goals are in sharing your thoughts. From here, together you can come up with a plan of action for how you can be supported moving forward. In some cases, you may need to ask for specific changes to be made by your family which can be difficult to do without support. Your therapist can provide you with that support if needed.

Family Therapy and the Addiction Recovery Process

We understand that addiction can be related to trauma. Addiction can also lead to additional traumatic experiences to transpire. In treatment, these issues are important to address. With all of this in mind, knowing that addiction affects the entire family, these trauma pieces could also be challenges other family members are struggling with as well. Family therapy could be a great place to come together to discuss these types of circumstances. 

Including your family members as you heal can be crucial to your recovery process. Family therapy can be more than just a place to discuss trauma. Family therapy can also provide additional support where the therapist can provide education. It is important to note that not all therapists are the same. Not all treatment centers offer the same services either. Treatment with us at Avalon Malibu, for example, can offer group therapy for families, family psychoeducation, and communication skills development. 

Throughout your addiction recovery process, you may discover new perspectives on your lived experiences. This could lead you to understand how your addiction developed. This can be important to your growth. You may also find family therapy to be a resource where you can speak to your family in a neutral, safe space. This can allow you to share information with them about your addiction. Family therapy can also be a place to share how they can support you in your recovery moving forward. At Avalon Malibu, we want to ensure you have the best support system possible. We believe family therapy can be one way to build that for you. 

Additional Information

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) TIP 39 states the following, “You can help clients and their family members initiate and sustain recovery from substance use disorders (SUDs) by actively involving family members in treatment.”

From this statement, you can conclude that family involvement is vital to addiction recovery. Family therapy can be an essential part of your recovery. You may worry that family therapy could be intimidating. This is a valid concern; however, it is important to remember therapists are professionals, and our staff is especially ready to help with your recovery in mind.

The article “Family-focused practices in addictions: a scoping review protocol” by BMJ Open stated that family involvement in addiction treatment improved recovery outcomes. If involving your family is an option, it may be an important component to consider. Your family can help support you as you journey through recovery.

At Avalon Malibu, we know addiction affects the whole family, so with this in mind, we want to support both you and your family as best as we can. For some individuals, this can mean involving family in the recovery process. Evidence shows that family therapy can benefit your recovery immensely. We want to offer family therapy to anyone we can to help support you in a safe space as you are healing from addiction. We can provide education, groups, and more. Family therapy can be a crucial component of your addiction recovery. Call (844) 857-5992 for more information on how we can help you and your family with family therapy today.

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