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Does Pregnancy Trigger Eating Disorders For Women?

Pregnant woman sitting by window

Women have certain rituals, dietary trends, exercise habits and more which they become accustomed to before they get pregnant. Once they find out they are pregnant their dietary and exercise habits can no longer be self-serving. They have another person’s

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Are Women More Sensitive To Alcohol Than Men?

alcoholism in men and women

Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital and the Boston University School of Medicine sought to discover if the reward system works differently for alcoholic women as opposed to alcoholic men, as well as if there is a different in contrast between

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Long Term Effects Of PostPartum Depression


Postpartum depression affects 11-20% of women who give birth each year according to the Centers for Disease Control. Averaging on 15%, approximately 600,000 women get postpartum depression in the United States each year. Postpartum Onset Postpartum depression occurs after birth.

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