Is Mindfulness More Effective In Women Than In Men?

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The benefits of mindfulness cannot be ignored. Endless amounts of research has been focused on studying the effects of mindfulness and mindfulness meditation in addition to regular meditation practices. Stress, symptoms of depression, effects of anxiety, cravings for drugs and alcohol- almost any affliction of the mind has been proven to be healed by mindfulness meditation. Providing relaxation and oxygen flow, mindfulness is restorative for mind, body, and spirit.

One area of mindfulness which has not been investigated is the difference between men and women. Brown University recently conducted a study which found that in mindfulness, there is actually a battle of the sexes. Women seem to gain more benefit from the use of mindfulness than men do. Telegraph UK reports. “While practicing significantly helped women overcome a downcast mood, it actually made men feel slightly worse than before they began.”

Feeling worse after mindfulness is not the same sales pitch so many practitioners advocate for the practice. Over the course of 12 weeks, students practiced more than 41 hours of meditation while taking a class on mindfulness. Women saw improvement but men did not. The reason? According to the article, “The researchers believe that the traditional way in which men and women deal with emotional distress could be behind the disparity.”

Men and women are known for processing their emotions differently. By stereotype, men are more closed off emotionally and process their emotions in a subtle, private way. In contrast, women are public with their emotions and fully embrace emotional experiences. However, this is not always the case as men can be quite emotional and women can be quite closed off. Additionally, men can be more closed-minded to new experiences, while women are open-minded. When new experiences are emotionally based in any way, there tends to be a greater divide. Statistically, men are less likely to ask for help when they are struggling with addiction, alcoholism, and other mental health disorders. The male stigma emphasizes strength without weakness, perfection without flaw. Mindfulness might trigger uncomfortability in this because it encourages non-judgment, radical acceptance, and being comfortable in the present moment.

Recovery is a constant fight against shame and stigma in defense of embracing the individual. Avalon By The Sea utilizes mindfulness and meditation in addition to clinical, holistic, and alternative techniques. Our versatile programs are designed to meet the needs of each client while fostering healing of mind, body, and spirit. For a confidential assessment and more information on our program, call us today at 1 888-958-7511.

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