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What to Consider When Choosing a Therapist

Addiction therapy is a great technique to beat a substance abuse disorder. A competent therapist may be able to suggest methods to change your behavior and lessen the triggers for your substance use. Choosing a therapist might be difficult, but

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Are There Benefits to Writing Lists?

Goal list

When it comes to recovery and mental health, goal-setting is incredibly important. The right treatment center will have you work with a therapist and/or coach to help you establish goals for yourself in recovery, as well as ways to reach

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Defining Psychotherapy

two men in Psychotherapy

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, more than a quarter of adults in America suffer from depression, anxiety, and other related mental illnesses each year. In today’s world, so many forms of therapy are available to us, and

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Should I See A Therapist?

                  Oftentimes we ask ourselves if we need to see a therapist when we are out of options for ourselves. Seeing a therapist can be long term or short term. Therapists use

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What Is Drama Therapy?

drama therapy group

According to the New York University, drama therapy is defined as “The intentional use of theater techniques to facilitate personal growth and promote health, thus treating individuals with a range of mental health, cognitive and developmental disorders.” Those who become

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