What to Consider When Choosing a Therapist

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Addiction therapy is a great technique to beat a substance abuse disorder. A competent therapist may be able to suggest methods to change your behavior and lessen the triggers for your substance use. Choosing a therapist might be difficult, but the questions below may help.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing a Therapist

Choosing to go for therapy is not an easy task. Ask yourself these questions to set some expectations and goals:

  • What do I want from therapy? – Is your objective to get sober or to address the underlying issues? 
  • What kind of therapy do I want? – Ultimately, your therapist should choose the best therapy for you. You should know your preferred style before your first visit. 
  • Can I handle revisiting my past? – We all have things we do not want to think about, but if a terrible life event is contributing to your substance abuse, you need to prepare.
  • Am I truly ready to change? – Therapy will not work if you are unwilling to change. You must be willing to change your habits and examine your motivations. It will be a long but necessary voyage.
  • Can I afford therapy? – When your life is on the line, make sure you can afford counseling sessions. Low-cost therapy options are available if you do not have insurance or cannot afford it.

Questions to Ask a Therapist

Research is helpful when choosing a therapist. Here are some questions to ask the therapists you are considering:

  • What do you specialize in? Not all therapists specialize in substance abuse treatment, so make sure you find ones who do.
  • What kind of treatment do you think will help me? – It is always good to find a therapist that has a plan for helping you feel better.
  • How have you helped others like me? – Your therapist cannot tell you specifics, but hearing about how they have helped others battling addiction might be helpful.
  • How will you assess my progress? – You want a therapist that has ways of defining your successes.
  • Do you offer any alternative treatments or medication? Traditional therapy is not always the best option. Alternative therapies such as art therapy may benefit you more. Medication-assisted treatment can help people quit using substances.

How to Find an Addiction Therapist Near Me

Finding an addiction therapist that’s right for you depends on your needs. By asking both yourself and your potential therapists these questions, you will be prepared for your first counseling session. 

When you discuss your problems with a competent therapist, they may be able to offer methods to change your behavior and lessen the things that trigger your substance use. Professionals at Avalon Malibu can help you obtain your goals successfully. A holistic approach to drug and alcohol detox will help you get back on your feet. To know more, call Avalon Malibu at (844) 857-5992.

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