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Navigating Relapse in Recovery

Navigating Relapse

The threat of relapse is a pervasive thought that can cloud your mind, starting from those initial painful withdrawal symptoms during detox and continuing throughout recovery. While unfortunate, relapses are a common occurrence in recovery, and there is no simple

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Understanding Cross-Addiction

Just because you may have kicked your drug or alcohol addiction doesn’t mean you are off the hook for your newly-found shopping addiction. This practice of simply replacing one addiction for another is known as cross-addiction and is a type

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Information on Triggers in Recovery

Learning to cope with stressors, triggers, and urges is a part of each step of the recovery process. Whether an individual is just beginning their detox program or is preparing to celebrate their first year sober, managing triggers is essential for

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The Fallacy of “Failed” Recovery

failed recovery

Addiction recovery is an ongoing process, and there is no definitive date or time where someone should expect themselves to be “cured” of the disease. New coping strategies continuously need to be learned and implemented to new stressors, urges, and

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