Using the Right Resources in Recovery to Fight Old Habits

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Handling stress in addiction recovery revolves around fighting old habits. You’re likely to have already established a few new habits toward your recovery. However, to prevent yourself from repeating previous stress reactions, you need to know how to use the right resources in recovery.

Establish Your Direction

The process of recovery begins with avoiding previous situations and places that established the addiction. In your early steps of recovery, you build a routine and a structure to help regain your self-control. There are many resources available–such as one-on-one therapy, support meetings, and more–to combat the stresses and triggers of addiction and give the right guidance, but those old habits are complex and problematic. They like to stick around as much as you try to lose them or build new habits. You need to understand that a habit is created in a short time frame, but it takes a much longer time to break it.

Are There Resources to Fight Old Habits?

Habits that coexist with other stressors, such as challenges with addiction or depression, may have a longer breaking point. At first, you may feel frustrated as you try to break damaging habits because it often takes so long. However, with the right recovery plan, you can fight those old habits and use the right resources to build new ones.

One example is your time management. Time management can be an old habit used to contribute towards addiction when you were juggling dealers and ways to pay them. In addiction treatment, however, you learn how to manage your time with new activities and structure. You can build a positive time management habit and break the old one.

A good therapist is another excellent resource you can use. A therapist creates individualized treatment plans to tailor your focus for achieving long-term sobriety. When you learn to take the right resources in recovery, you can fight the old habits of addiction and establish new connections with your mind, spirit, and body for a healthier lifestyle.

The path of recovery may seem long and challenging. It is equally important to fight old habits and maintain the recovery path. You can take the right resources given to you in recovery and steer clear of old situations to fight off those old habits. However, if you or someone you love struggles with addiction, Avalon Malibu is here to help you reestablish a healthy life with compassion and care. We gave you the right resources and recovery to fight old habits and make a life-changing new start. We know that they’re going to be obstacles along the way. However, we help you make the right steps to stay on the healthy path. To learn more, reach out to Avalon Malibu today or contact us at (844) 857-5992.

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