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How to Avoid Relapse With Proper Aftercare Planning

How to Avoid Relapse With Proper Aftercare Planning

While finishing substance abuse rehabilitation treatment is an enormous step, the journey isn’t done just yet. In order to avoid relapse, you will need to plan for treatment aftercare. It may seem scary to think about what comes next in Read More ›

The Importance of Relapse Prevention

The Importance of Relapse Prevention

Relapse prevention is one of the most important topics to cover and learn about when it comes to sustainable, long-term addiction recovery. Without a prevention plan, relapse is more common, even after lots of treatment and hard work. Comprehensive substance Read More ›

Understanding Cross-Addiction

Just because you may have kicked your drug or alcohol addiction doesn’t mean you are off the hook for your newly-found shopping addiction. This practice of simply replacing one addiction for another is known as cross-addiction and is a type Read More ›

How Likely Is It That I Will Relapse?

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It’s normal to feel worried about relapse – in the addiction and mental illness recovery realm, many people fear relapse because it is seen as this horrible sign of failure, even though it isn’t. In fact, many recovery experts say Read More ›

Types of Relapse in Recovery

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For someone in recovery, relapse is a common fear. While relapse is the main concern by many people, relapses occur due to triggers. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, relapse triggers are events or circumstances that Read More ›

4 Relapse Prevention Strategies

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Recovering from drug or alcohol abuse is a process.  This process will look differently for each person.  You might find that you enjoy a particular 12-step meeting or have non-using friends that can support you.  Whatever is working for you, Read More ›

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