The Most Important Lessons Learned from Relapse

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For people beginning their recovery journey, relapse seems like a scary, haunted force that should be avoided at all costs. Although it may seem like a contradiction to recovery, there are some valuable lessons that can be learned if you relapse., a website aimed at provided rehabilitation information, has provided several important lessons to be gained from relapse:

    1. There is always a reason for the relapse. These reasons could include negativity about the future or cynicism about your recovery, romanticizing the addiction or “remembering the good times”, turning to maladaptive behaviors such as overworking, internet addiction, etc., or experiencing addiction symptoms even when you are sober.
    2. Relapse is a normal part of recovery. As humans, we make mistakes and sometimes we must fall to get back up again. This can happen, and if you learn your lesson and move on, you are less likely to repeat it.


  • Sometimes relapse happens even when everything is going well. When this happens, a person may feel untouched from reality because things are going great. This is also known as “pink cloud syndrome” and happens when a person believes they are cured, and therefore stop taking preventative action that is helping keep them sober.
  • Relapse doesn’t mean you’re a bad person or you have failed. Understand that you relapsed and that it’s not the end of the world. You slipped. You can recover, and work towards bettering yourself and learning from this.
  • Relapse can be a sign that an innovative approach is needed. Perhaps you aren’t taking very well to the current approach your treatment facility is using – relapse could mean that you need to speak with your counselor regarding a different method.
  • Relapse can boost your motivation. Ever heard of the phrase “fall 7 times, stand up 8”? Experiencing a relapse could propel you more than ever to take control over your emotions and behavior, leading you into a better state than you were in before.


Alcohol Rehab notes several other life lessons as learned from real people in recovery:

  • Hiding from problems in life is not an effective way to deal with those problems.
  • Not all coping mechanisms are good ones.
  • Challenges in life can be beneficial because they force you to grow.
  • It’s vital for people to challenge their own though processes, otherwise they could remain in denial.
  • People who have gone through an addiction learn how destructive it can really be – giving them the ability to help others who are on this path.



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