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The Importance of Nonviolent Communication

The Importance of Nonviolent Communication

The way you communicate and express your needs and emotions to other people can either strengthen the connection in that relationship or take away from it. You convey your experience to other people through your body language and tone of Read More ›

Flip the Script on Anger

controlling anger

Anger is a natural response to some situations. For example, in the heat of a stressful or hurtful moment, we can use our anger to endure what we are experiencing. However, uncontrolled anger is destructive for your physical and mental Read More ›

Supporting Family Members in Recovery


There are several ways to support a family member in recovery, even if they cannot commit to formal therapy sessions. Understanding why a family member may have begun to use substances can be very hard. Sometimes, parents feel like they Read More ›

Managing Anxiety

Managing Anxiety

When we feel anxious about something, our body activates its stress response to help deal with the threat. This stress response is a natural reaction that causes the body to secrete stress hormones that travel to targeted areas and bring Read More ›

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