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The Impact of Writing Therapy on Addiction Recovery

The Impact of Writing Therapy on Addiction Recovery

If you’re beginning to explore mental health and addiction treatment options, consider writing therapy. Writing therapy is a comprehensive, holistic option that encourages introspection. At Avalon Malibu, we utilize writing therapy because we’ve seen the benefits it can produce. Let’s Read More ›

Writing for Peace of Mind

Writing for Peace of Mind

If you ever feel overwhelmed by racing thoughts and anxiety, it can be helpful to cultivate a practice of journaling to experience peace of mind. The Link Between Journaling and Lowering Anxiety Although journaling may not work for everyone in Read More ›

How Writing Can Help Your Recovery

Writing Can Help Your Recovery

Writing can be an excellent practice during your recovery journey. It provides time for introspection and self-reflection, cultivating self-awareness and self-honesty. One of the best parts of writing is that you do not have to actually be a writer to Read More ›

Journaling to Support Recovery

journaling for recovery

Journaling is one of the most common forms of writing therapy for those in recovery, and with good reason. It offers writers space to freely process and express themselves and their story, something which the emotional numbing of addiction works directly Read More ›

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