How Writing Can Help Your Recovery

Writing Can Help Your Recovery

Writing can be an excellent practice during your recovery journey. It provides time for introspection and self-reflection, cultivating self-awareness and self-honesty.

One of the best parts of writing is that you do not have to actually be a writer to experience its benefits. There is no wrong way to write and you can do it anywhere, even with a therapist.

While writing helps to release tension and reduce anxiety, it can also help you process situations and create peace for yourself.

Brain Dumping

This journaling technique is effective for taming moments of overthinking and getting in touch with what you are feeling. Brain dumping is a way to get rid of all the thoughts and worries that may be endlessly looping around and stuck in your mind. The act of putting pen to paper — through writing down your anxieties, fears, and doubts or creating to-do lists — is a great way to remove distracting thoughts from your head so you can focus on yourself and your recovery.

Space for Breakthroughs

It is difficult to have an epiphany if there is no space for lightbulb moments to unfold. Journaling provides such a space — where you can discover what you are truly feeling, thinking, and desiring. You may even find that you were not able to put a finger on what you were experiencing until you sat down to write.

Moments to Recenter 

Anxiety can be experienced for many reasons. You may find yourself experiencing anxiety when your day has been full of chaos or you have not had a moment to slow down until your head hits the pillow. Creating a consistent writing practice is an invitation to slow down, recenter, and come back within yourself before beginning the rest of the day.

Whether it is while in session with your therapist or practicing at home, writing can be helpful during your recovery with many benefits to your life.

Writing is an effective tool for gaining self-honesty, healing, and freedom in your life and can accompany many other forms of therapeutic interventions during your recovery. At Avalon Malibu, we recognize how intimidating recovery can be and are here to support you each step of the way. If you are struggling with your sobriety or looking to begin the journey, we can help by offering a variety of services to assist you. You will also be among professionals and peers that support a safe environment. To learn more, call us today at (844) 857-5992

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