Tag: emotional health

The Science Behind a Bad Mood

couple arguing in kitchen

Nobody likes experiencing a bad mood – that sunken feeling of despair, hopelessness, negativity, and so forth can make it appears nothing will get better. Bad moods may last just a few short minutes or could impact our entire day Read More ›

How Do I Process Sadness?

sad woman

After years of abusing drugs and alcohol, or struggling with the symptoms of mental health disorders, emotions like sadness can feel new and overwhelming. Sadness is what it is. In order to move past sadness, we have to move through Read More ›

Will I Ever Overcome The Sadness?

sadness and despair

Overcoming sadness is a matter of understanding and working with sadness. If you are living with depression, you might feel like you have too much sadness. In time, with treatment and therapy, the extremes of your emotions will balance out. Read More ›

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