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Acupuncture Myths

If someone were to tell you that you’d be able to get acupuncture right now, how would you feel? Would you be excited, or nervous? For many Americans, acupuncture seems like a terrifyingly painful experience – just the thought of Read More ›

What Necessitates Acupuncture?

acupuncture needles on stones

Work obligations, family issues, and deep-rooted problems can reappear daily and can make us feel weak, upset, and helpless. Health issues can leave us feeling as though we cannot do the things that we want to, and that can be Read More ›

Will Acupuncture Reduce Symptoms of Depression?

woman getting Acupuncture on face

For anyone who has experienced depression, the symptoms can be debilitating. Having a lack of enjoyment in activities, isolation, and feeling hopeless are just a few characteristics of depression and can make a person feel defeated. Luckily, there are so Read More ›

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