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The Importance of Meditation

The Importance of Meditation

As a human, you most likely experience stress, depression, and anxiety on some level. Thoughts and feelings may get overwhelming at times and have you questioning how to stop letting them take up so much time and space in your Read More ›

Practicing Mindfulness Through Meditation


Although you do not have to meditate to be mindful, meditation is a great way to bring mindfulness into your life. Beginning a meditation practice may feel challenging at first, but it can become more comfortable over time. Benefits of Read More ›

How to Apply Mindfulness to Process Addiction Therapy

Self-Healing Heart Chakra Meditation

Addiction doesn’t always involve substance abuse. Sometimes, people become addicted to self-defeating and risky behaviors, like gambling, shopping, or over-eating. This type of addiction is called “process addiction.” These behaviors are often developed during early childhood as a way of Read More ›

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