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How Recovery Can Seem as Vast as the Sea

Man walking beach in Tel Aviv-Yafo with sunset reflecting over ocean

When jumping into the ocean of recovery, you are not expected to know how to swim right away. You may feel terrified of the waves when looking upon recovery and fear drowning. Fortunately, recovery is your lifeboat. The experience of

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The Link Between Trauma and Memory Loss


The impact of trauma on the human brain can be profound as some areas of the brain can suffer physical changes from the traumatic event. The effects of experiencing trauma can lead to low quality of life for some due

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Encountering Alcohol in Early Recovery

Alcohol is a popular addition to weddings, birthday parties, dinner celebrations, and other social events. Your journey in recovery from alcohol use disorder (AUD) does not need to circumvent these major events, as long as you are aware of the

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Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms in Recovery

unhealthy coping

While many people associate addiction recovery with physical wellness, the reality is that our day-to-day lives are experienced through our perceptions and how we’re able to handle difficult thoughts, feelings, and situations. When bad moments occur, we can experience several

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Dealing With Anxiety This Holiday Season

For millions of Americans across the nation, the holidays bring about added stress. So many people feel pressure to make the “perfect” dish, to “impress” others with latest achievements, and to overall “look” the part that is portrayed in media

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