Dealing With Anxiety This Holiday Season

For millions of Americans across the nation, the holidays bring about added stress. So many people feel pressure to make the “perfect” dish, to “impress” others with latest achievements, and to overall “look” the part that is portrayed in media – but naturally, these high expectations can’t always be met, and this can cause considerable anxiety for people as they try their best to go above and beyond. If you’re struggling with anxiety on top of recovering from addiction, it can definitely be a nerve-wracking experience. Here are several wonderful tips for handling anxiety during the holidays:

  1. Don’t expect so much from yourself. When we expect that we’ll be the best – saying and doing everything as we should – we often find that we become disappointed because that’s not humanly realistic. Understand that you can only do what you’re set out to do, and allow yourself to be surprised when holiday celebrations go better than expected.
  2. Understand that people are less focused on you than you realize. Between the food and conversations, your friends and family are likely going to be too tuned into their food, drink, and overall atmosphere of celebration than to be focusing in on what you’re saying and doing. If you can gain some perspective with this, your anxiety should ease a little more.
  3. Let others talk. If you’re feeling anxious in conversation, ask questions that allow your family and friends to do most of the talking. Ask about kids, jobs, what books they enjoy reading, etc. All of these are conversations that will allow them to keep talking – plus, people like talking about themselves so you won’t have much of an issue with turning the focus back on you.
  4. Think about others.  Volunteering and giving to others can help you feel better about yourself and the holiday season, and it can be less anxiety-inducing when you’re able to see the greater picture of life and helping people throughout the holidays. Remind yourself that this is what the holidays are about – being kind and generous towards others.

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