Responding to Pressure During the Holidays

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The holidays are often filled with friends and family talking, playing games, eating and more. While spending time with friends and family can be fun, it can easily get out of hand for someone who is working on their sobriety. Many people drink during the holidays to celebrate, relieve stress, socialize and unwind; unfortunately, this line of thinking also causes people to spend too much money, argue more frequently with their significant other, get in accidents because they weren’t paying attention, become more stressed or anxious, and otherwise avoid real connections with loved ones because of the materialistic nature that consumes our society today. It can be hard to remain sober when loved ones ask us to drink, but here is what we can say:

  1. “No thanks, I’ve already got a drink.” You could already have a tea, sprite, coke or something already made – in doing this, it will be much easier to say “no” while not feeling put on the spot. Plus, most people aren’t paying too much attention on what each person is drinking, so they probably won’t even notice that it’s not alcohol.
  2. “I have some work to do later, so I can’t drink tonight.” Everyone’s had the experience of having to get up for work early the next morning, and most people won’t question this excuse. Let your friends and family know that you have things you have to do – even if it is something simple, liking going home to feed the pets.
  3. “Not right now, but maybe later.” Even if you don’t plan on drinking later, it’s a safe tactic that you can use to change the topic of discussion, and others will likely forget about it as the night progresses. Even if you feel bad fibbing, it could easily get you out of a tricky situation and onto enjoying the rest of your holidays without feeling pressured to drink.

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