Building Healthy Alumni Connections in Recovery: Why It’s Important

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Building Healthy Alumni Connections in Recovery: Why It’s Important

Everyone in recovery can benefit from having people in their recovery network to learn and grow from; just as a student may speak with a graduated alumni from a college program to receive tips and tricks for succeeded in school, this connection can foster a healthy, ongoing interaction of support between people. A 2016 study titled, “Implementation of a Substance Use Recovery Support Mobile Phone App in Community Settings” found that alumni of addiction recovery treatment can help build awareness and interest to various components of recovery – and recovery tools, such as through mobile apps, can become more accessible to those beginning their recovery journey when they’ve been given the opportunity to learn from alumni.

In a sense, maintaining a healthy relationship with an alumnus can bring about numerous benefits: 

  •             It provides an opportunity for a person to learn more about treatment – and the recovery process – from someone who’s already been there
  •             Questions and answers can open up tips and techniques for a successful recovery
  •             A person can add a valuable form of support to their social recovery network
  •             Alumni can feel needed, appreciated and valued in helping others
  •             And more

A 2018 article published by the Psychiatry and Behavioral Health Learning Network noted that, “…Activities and efforts organized on behalf of alumni can be more than traditional picnics and other forms of sober fun alone.” 

With alumni networking events, along with events where incoming clients to treatment can mingle with alumnus, knowledge can be passed on and healthy, supportive bonds can be formed. Those in addiction recovery needs people whom they can rely on – and having someone who understands the process inside and out can prove invaluable to a person who is nervous about the road ahead of them. 

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