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The Difference Between Dependence and Addiction

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Terminology in the addiction community may sound like a new language to someone first introduced to the vocabulary unique to recovery. Two words often confused and misused are dependence and addiction. These are two fundamental terms in the addiction world,

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Tackling the Genetic Side of Addiction

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Working to deconstruct the idea that addiction is some kind of moral failing is still an ongoing process. Therefore, it is important to discuss what factors do play a part in the development of addiction. Genetics can have a large

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Information on Triggers in Recovery

Learning to cope with stressors, triggers, and urges is a part of each step of the recovery process. Whether an individual is just beginning their detox program or is preparing to celebrate their first year sober, managing triggers is essential for

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Getting Help Before Hitting Bottom

woman being consoled in therapy or intervention

In the world of recovery, hitting “rock bottom” has become somewhat of a right of passage to get someone struggling with addiction to seriously consider getting help. However, is hitting bottom, or reaching your lowest personal point in addiction, truly

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