What Are Process Addictions?

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What Are Process Addictions?

Many people don’t realize that addiction encompasses more than just substances like drugs and alcohol. Learning about various mental health topics is important when it comes to reducing stigma and encouraging people to ask for support. Let’s go over a side of addiction that isn’t often talked about — process addiction. Process addictions are a mental health struggle that must be addressed to raise awareness for people to get the support they need.

What Are Process Addictions?

Process addiction is a term for when someone develops a dependency on something that isn’t a substance. Behavioral addiction is another term for this problem, as it refers to an addiction to certain behaviors. Process addictions are common, but they’re not often talked about. While process addictions don’t involve substances, they’re still extremely valid forms of addictions and often require treatment to overcome.

This type of addiction can be incredibly complex and vary widely between individuals. Having a clear understanding of process addictions is important so individuals can identify problematic warning signs. Process addictions can be complicated to address and overcome, particularly because many of these behaviors and actions are necessary functions of daily life.

Examples of Process Addictions

Many behaviors can develop into process addictions. Examples include shopping, gaming, and gambling. Eating disorders may also be classified as process addictions. One process addiction that’s become increasingly more common in the last decade is internet addiction.

Understanding that substances aren’t the only thing that can lead to addiction is vital. Process addictions are real and can be difficult to cope with.

Treatment at Avalon Malibu

It can be difficult to know where the line is between increased dependence on something and true addiction. If you or someone you know is struggling with a process addiction, it is crucial to seek support from a mental health professional that specializes in process addictions.

At Avalon Malibu, members of our team have years of experience helping individuals overcome process addictions. We understand just how difficult it can be to seek treatment, which is why we have a variety of therapeutic options to choose from. Start your recovery journey today.

Process addictions can be complex and overwhelming, but they’re not as openly talked about as substance addictions. However, process addictions are just as valid. If you or someone you love is struggling with a process addiction, consider speaking with a professional about treatment options. At Avalon Malibu, we provide specialized treatment for those struggling with process addictions. We know that process addictions can be extremely difficult to cope with, so we’re here to help. Call us at (844) 857-5992 to discuss our treatment options and to see if they could be right for your situation. 

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