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Nutrition in Recovery

When we’re talking about substance abuse, nutrition is rarely the focus of the conversation. A few simple drinks after work hours can easily translate into several more drinks at home every evening. Similarly, occasional drug use with friends can eventually Read More ›

Massage Therapy and Depression

Previous research has shown that depression can have a significant effect on our mental, physical and spiritual standing. Many people diagnosed with depression also battle sleep issues like insomnia, appetite problems (such as over or under-eating), lack of energy, difficulties Read More ›

A Recovery Reading List

Reading about addiction and recovery can be a helpful way to get educated and feel less alone. Here are a few recommendations. Reading good books in recovery is a healthy habit and a great way to feel mentally stimulated. There Read More ›

Healthy Habits in Recovery

Healthy habits are always important, especially in recovery. When we begin our recovery journeys, our lives drastically change. Even when we’re immersing ourselves in meetings and therapy, it can feel as if we need more of an anchor — something Read More ›

The Importance of Empathy

Empathy is a vital human ability that lets us connect with others and feel less alone. Here’s how to practice it daily. We hear a lot about “empathy” these days. It seems to be having a trending moment, and for Read More ›

Running and Recovery

Can jogging help your recovery? Running is most known for its endurance-enhancing effects and the ability to produce mood-boosting endorphins. But can running help us with our recoveries? Exercise, in general, is great for both the mind and the body. Read More ›

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