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The Power of Mindfulness

The Power of Mindfulness

If you’re like many people in the mental health sphere, then you’re always looking for ways to take care of your mental health and better your emotional well-being. One of the best ways that you can do that is by Read More ›

3 Simple Ways to Cultivate Mindfulness

3 Simple Ways to Cultivate Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention to the present moment and being aware of what is going on both within you and around you. This can be a difficult and daunting practice to cultivate, as being mindful asks you Read More ›

Practicing Mindfulness Through Meditation


Although you do not have to meditate to be mindful, meditation is a great way to bring mindfulness into your life. Beginning a meditation practice may feel challenging at first, but it can become more comfortable over time. Benefits of Read More ›

How to Integrate Mindfulness Into Your Life

Integrate Mindfulness Into Your Life

Mindfulness is the practice of continually choosing to come back to the present moment with awareness and acceptance. It can help you slow down and live life with a deeper intention and compassion for yourself and others. Meditation  Although you Read More ›

PTSD & the Mindfulness Approach


According to the National Center for PTSD, approximately 60% of North Americans experience at least one traumatic event in their lifetime. Trauma is often defined as a “deeply distressing or disastrous event.” Though this accurately describes a great deal of Read More ›

Grounding Techniques for Difficult Times


To say that recovery can be a challenging journey would be an understatement. We are re-learning how to deal with the most difficult moments life can deliver through a new lens throughout recovery. The good news is that working through Read More ›

How to Apply Mindfulness to Process Addiction Therapy

Self-Healing Heart Chakra Meditation

Addiction doesn’t always involve substance abuse. Sometimes, people become addicted to self-defeating and risky behaviors, like gambling, shopping, or over-eating. This type of addiction is called “process addiction.” These behaviors are often developed during early childhood as a way of Read More ›

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