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Are You an Introvert?

Are You an Introvert?

Everyone responds differently to social situations. Some people enjoy being around their friends all the time, while others need time to recharge alone after socializing. If you identify with the latter group, then you may be an introvert. Being an Read More ›

Introversion Isn’t An Issue For Introverts

There is a difference between an avoidant personality disorder, attachment issues, severe shyness, and just being an introvert. Introversion is hard for people who are not introverted to understand. People who are introverts are comfortable with their minimal and quiet Read More ›

Are There Different Kinds Of Introversion?

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Leave introverts alone. They’re literally not hurting anyone. There’s nothing wrong with being an introvert! According to Science of Us, there are four different kinds of introversion. To understand an introvert is to love them! Learn more below. Social Introverts Read More ›

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