Introversion Isn’t An Issue For Introverts

There is a difference between an avoidant personality disorder, attachment issues, severe shyness, and just being an introvert. Introversion is hard for people who are not introverted to understand. People who are introverts are comfortable with their minimal and quiet lifestyle and do not feel a need to be any more extroverted than they are, because it isn’t true to their nature. Introverts are not mentally unhealthy or completely socially isolated. People who are introverts tend to lead simple lives which suits their needs in healthy ways.

Many people who are not introverts will believe, for example, that introverts act with agoraphobic behaviors, where they never go outside or interact with people. Introverts, being healthy and capable, to spend time taking care of their lives, going outside, and interacting with other people. High volumes of engagement is exhausting for introverts who need ample amounts of alone time to recharge their batteries in order to socially engage again. Not spending ample amounts of time with others or in high energy situations doesn’t mean that people who are introverted can’t have a good time. What introverts define as a good time is not the same as what other people do. With other people, introverts are having a good time, but it is uncomfortable for them to process. Typically, the ideal enjoyable time for introversion is quiet time, at home, or in remote areas like nature where they can be with themselves and their thoughts. That doesn’t mean that introverts only talk to themselves, or that they talk to themselves at all. Introverts are quite knowledgeable and passionate. They are more than willing to engage in healthy conversation or even debate about topics which inspire them.

Many who are extroverts, or at least more extroverted, feel that someone who is introverted just needs to “live a little” in order to stop being so introverted. People who are introverted do not need to become extroverted. In addition extroversion is not an answer or a treatment to introversion, because introverts don’t need to be fixed or changed. Introversion should only be considered problematic when it leads to signs of other underlying mental health issues like social anxiety disorder, avoidant personality disorder, or other isolating issues.


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