Are There Different Kinds Of Introversion?

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Leave introverts alone. They’re literally not hurting anyone. There’s nothing wrong with being an introvert! According to Science of Us, there are four different kinds of introversion. To understand an introvert is to love them! Learn more below.

Social Introverts

Introverts who aren’t interested in being social are probably the most commonly understood model of introversion. Not all social introverts like to be alone all the time, though they often do. Solitude is the idea of a good time for many social introverts, preferring to do the things they love doing the most- alone. For other social introverts, just being with a small group of people as opposed to a big group of people is preferable.

Thinking Introverts

Ever notice people who seem to be stuck in a far away land deep within themselves? They might attend parties, go on large outings, and always keep to themselves. They’re thinking deeply, contemplating, reflecting, thinking, and often conjuring up brilliant creative ideas. Some people mistake thinking introversion for neuroticism or being anti-social. Instead, you could think of it as a matter of preference. They just prefer thinking and keeping to themselves.

Anxious Introverts

Introversion is usually enjoyable for introverts. For people who are anxiously introverted, their behaviors are a matter of necessity rather than choice. They feel extremely uncomfortable around other people because they’re uncomfortable with themselves. Seeking out solitude is a matter of survival as much as it is a social choice. Unfortunately, their introversion isn’t always the answer. Feelings of discomfort follow them even when they’re alone.

Restrained Introverts

Most people act on impulse. Practicing pausing before speaking and acting is a revolutionary development in many people’s lives. People who are more reserved or restrained don’t find it revolutionary, it’s a natural part of their lives. Before they become even remotely introverted on a normal scale, they have to get themselves going first.

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