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Am I A Gambling Addict?

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Gambling addiction is listed in the Diagnostic And Statistical Manual Of Mental Disorders. When gambling becomes a problem wellness is on the line mentally, physically, and spiritually. Gambling addiction is often co-occurring with alcoholism and drug addiction. You Have A Read More ›

How can Gambling Addiction be Treated?

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Gambling addiction is considered a process addiction, because it involves compulsively tending to slot machines and casino games. The Scientific American quotes that surveys have shown approximately 2 million people in the United States are addicted to gambling; this addiction Read More ›

What are the Top Process Addictions?

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Process addictions are like other addictions in the negative pattern of behavior that is enacted and the negative ways in which it can affect daily life. A process addiction is a condition of compulsive behavior, such as excessive gambling, video Read More ›

Are There Different Levels Of Gambling Addiction?

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Addiction and alcoholism aren’t always the fully developed experience of chemical dependency. There are different stages of addiction in all of its forms. Most often, people ask whether an addiction is really an eating disorder because they don’t want to Read More ›

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