What are the Top Process Addictions?

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Process addictions are like other addictions in the negative pattern of behavior that is enacted and the negative ways in which it can affect daily life. A process addiction is a condition of compulsive behavior, such as excessive gambling, video gaming, shopping, etc. This addiction is like other addictions in that a person can become dependent and addicted to a certain behavior. Everyday Health has identified the top process addictions:


  • Gambling addiction. Rehab International claims that 2.9% of the adult population falls under “problem gambling” or addiction. Compulsive gambling makes it difficult for users to stop, even when it is getting out of control.
  • Sex addiction. Health Research Funding states that 12-30 million people in the United States alone have a sex addiction. People with this addiction aren’t always bound to cheat – some people with this addiction may indulge in pornography frequently.
  • Internet addiction. According to Time Magazine, more than 3 billion people are now using the internet. With such easy access, many are becoming addicted.
  • Shopping addiction. Many people fall into shopping addiction because the pleasurable experience of buying something new increases their dopamine levels. Researchers estimate that approximately 6% of Americans are addicted to shopping.
  • Plastic surgery addiction. Society’s lofty standards for beauty set people up for low self-esteem, leading them towards surgery. Dr. Canice Crerand states that the addiction is more of a psychological problem than a physical one.
  • Food addiction. Food that typically contributes to food addiction are unhealthy, such as chips, candy, or white bread. Medical News Today claims that food addiction is closely associated with eating disorders such as binge eating disorder and bulimia, as well as obesity.
  • Exercise addiction. Fox News recently covered a story of a woman who exercised so much that she was led to exercise 8 hours per day. Exercise can become an obsession because it effects a person’s drive.


Process addictions are just as dangerous as any other addiction – they can negatively impact all aspects of life, causing someone to withdraw from friends, family, work activities, and more. Process addiction can cause a person to neglect their responsibilities, spend more money than they need to, and harm their overall health.




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