Am I A Gambling Addict?

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Gambling addiction is listed in the Diagnostic And Statistical Manual Of Mental Disorders. When gambling becomes a problem wellness is on the line mentally, physically, and spiritually. Gambling addiction is often co-occurring with alcoholism and drug addiction.

You Have A Lot Of Stress In Your Life

Having stress in your life doesn’t make you an addict in anyway. Most people experience some kind of stress in their lives quite regularly. Everyone deals with stress in their own ways. Not all of the ways in which people deal with their stress is healthy. However, people who have addictive personality types or are prone to obsessive and compulsive behaviors can find themselves dealing with stress in especially harmful ways. Gambling addiction is a way that many people cope. There is a sense of relief which happens when someone walks into a casino, places a friendly bet, or walks up to a race track where betting is happening. It doesn’t matter how you gamble or why. What matters is, you’re using gambling to cope with your stress. If you’re finding that more stress is being created because of a problem with gambling, you might have an issue.

You’re Aware Something Isn’t Right

When there isn’t a problem of some kind, we usually don’t think about having a problem. For example, with alcoholism, it is commonly said that if you are thinking you might be alcoholic, you probably have a problem with drinking. Awareness is key in recovery. Coming to realize you are falling out of control of your need to gamble is typically the first sign of a problem.

You Aren’t Able To Control Yourself

At every stage of your gambling process, you are losing control. You can’t help but get off that one freeway exit when you drive by it because you know the casino is there. You can’t help but spend more than you said you were going to and you never stop when you say you will. After you lose and you swear it off for good, you can’t help but go back to it as soon as possible. Losing control and manageability over a compulsion is a character of addiction.






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