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5 Ways to Overcome Cravings During Recovery

One of the most difficult aspects of recovery is overcoming cravings. These are strong desires that seem to appear out of nowhere and are difficult to resist. They are, however, not uncontrollable.  Learning to control urges is a crucial skill

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Why Movement is So Important in Recovery


It is a well-known fact that physical activity is good for your body and your mind. In most holistic-based therapeutic approaches, such as Ayurveda or Chinese Medicine, movement practices are encouraged daily to nourish the whole being. Science has proven

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Nutrition in Recovery

When we’re talking about substance abuse, nutrition is rarely the focus of the conversation. A few simple drinks after work hours can easily translate into several more drinks at home every evening. Similarly, occasional drug use with friends can eventually

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The Many Benefits of Working Out 

Many Americans have begun exercising because they’re starting to realize the benefits that exercise can have on a person’s daily life and longevity. Exercise isn’t just for the typical athletic, high energy, health fanatic – in fact, practically anyone can

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