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What Are Trauma Disorders and How Are They Treated?

What Are Trauma Disorders And How Are They Treated?

We know that with addiction being a complex diagnosis, sometimes trauma can be part of the reason. Trauma disorders alone can be complex issues, too. Healing from both your addiction and trauma disorder is possible. There are different types of Read More ›

Why Mood Disorders Co-Occur With Addiction

Why Mood Disorders Co-Occur With Addiction

It is not uncommon that mood disorders co-occur with addiction. Avalon Malibu knows addiction is a complex diagnosis for multiple reasons. Mood disorders can be just as complex. One of the reasons these diagnoses can be complex is that they Read More ›

5 Reasons to Think Twice Before Using Ambien

5 Reasons to Think Twice Before Using Ambien

Many Americans do not get the sleep they need to support their essential functions. Sleep deficiency can lead to physical and mental health conditions that reduce the quality of life.  To find some relief, some get prescriptions like Ambien from Read More ›

Growing Up With Co-Occurring Disorders


The correlation between substance use and mental illness is especially prevalent in the youth population for several reasons. First, at such a young age, a child’s brain is not fully developed. The brain is not considered fully developed until age Read More ›

What is Gestalt Therapy?


Gestalt therapy was developed initially as an alternative to standard psychotherapy. It is a type of experiential therapy that focuses on an individual’s experience in the present moment and emphasizes the importance of self-responsibility in the recovery process. The holistic Read More ›

What Are Co-occurring Disorders?


Research suggests that both acute and prolonged use of drugs can affect a person’s brain responses. Some substances can exacerbate an already existing mental disorder. For instance, in people with a genetic disposition towards psychosis, using marijuana increases the chance Read More ›

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