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Bipolar and Addiction: Uncovering the Link

bipolar disorder and addiction

Mental illness and addiction have a close association, especially bipolar disorder. Those who have bipolar disorder cycle between manic and depressive episodes. Substance use is particularly risky for those diagnosed with bipolar disorder since drug use can trigger a manic or Read More ›

Co-Occurring Disorders

Co-Occurring Disorders

Substance use disorders and mental health disorders seemingly go hand in hand. You may be dealing with a dual-diagnosis, and some mental disorders exacerbate a substance abuse disorder. It’s critical that any mental health issues are addressed by healthcare professionals Read More ›

Bipolar Disorder

Unfortunately, education on mental illness is greatly lacking in today’s society. As a result, the issue doesn’t receive enough support. Scenes of people acting out or breaking the law due to mental illness often perpetuate stigmas. People who don’t know Read More ›

The Positives to Mental Illness

Many people experience a mental illness each year and, while a diagnosis may seem frightening or saddening, there are many ways to hold a light to mental illness to see what good it does for us. Conversations surrounding mental illness Read More ›

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