The Positives to Mental Illness

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Many people experience a mental illness each year and, while a diagnosis may seem frightening or saddening, there are many ways to hold a light to mental illness to see what good it does for us. Conversations surrounding mental illness often involve challenging symptoms that affect daily life, but there are many wonderful qualities that mental illness can mean for us as well. In fact, history has shown that many creative and scientific geniuses have had mental illness – so there’s some good that comes from it! 

For example, some of  those with bipolar disorder tend to experience colors more vividly which can be a beautiful quality in daily life.  In fact, those with this disorder may even consider it like holding a “magnifying glass” to certain aspects of life. For others with mental illness, it can propel them to take certain steps for their health and wellness that perhaps they wouldn’t have done before. With this, mental illness sometimes gives us an opportunity to dig deeper into something we may have not noticed as much before, and may also give us the perspective we need to push forward towards our dreams.

Bipolar disorder isn’t the only mental illness with upsides; a clear example of this is that mental illness can help us to see life at a larger – or smaller scale – and this can benefit us in many ways depending on what we’re doing. Individuals with depression often develop a sincere ability to notice when others are feeling depressed. This gift of “noticing” could mean saying some nice or even giving someone a hug if they can tell it’s needed. 

Having a mental illness does not mean that one is subjected to experiencing only painful or crippling circumstances. If you’re ready to look at mental illness in a more positive light, and begin working towards healing, speak with a professional from Avalon Malibu today.

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