Mistakes in Recovery

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Recovery is a difficult road to process without proper support. In addition to this, it can be incredibly difficult to thrive and succeed in recovery when there are so many resources and so much knowledge out there that we’re not quite aware of yet. During the first few months – and even in the first year – of recovery, you’re going to find what propels you in addiction and what holds you back. You’ll likely hear a lot of tips from those who’ve been in recovery for a long time, as well as some advice from those who are also new to recovery but have learned from personal research or from others what helps people to succeed. No matter where you’re at in the recovery process, you must carefully consider the decisions that you make – and don’t make – to see how it affects your health and wellbeing during this time.

One mistake that many people make in addiction recovery is consuming too much sugar. This becomes what is called “transfer addiction” where a person, for example, replaces a substance like cocaine for sugar. Sugar activates the reward system in our brain in the same way alcohol, drugs and other addictions do – and by consuming too much sugar, you’re really setting yourself up for a transfer addiction. 

Another mistake that can occur in addiction recovery is spending too much time alone. There are several reasons for while people do this, such as: 1) to keep their “mask” on, 2) in an attempt to deal with all the changes that are taking place, 3) to avoid pain, and more. Isolation happens because we’re not sure how to make sense of our lives at the time – but the key is to remain patient.

Lastly, coffee is harmful to recovery. Coffee has caffeine, which actually increases our stress and anxiety. When we drink coffee, our adrenaline increases, which can also worsen our anxiety. Keep this in mind if you’re consuming too much coffee.

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