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Grounding Techniques for Difficult Times


To say that recovery can be a challenging journey would be an understatement. We are re-learning how to deal with the most difficult moments life can deliver through a new lens throughout recovery. The good news is that working through

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Techniques for Overcoming Your Phobias

woman discussing her phobias

Phobias can be debilitating for the many people who experience them. The symptoms of phobias go beyond feeling a bit uncomfortable or scared of something. We often hear people talk about being afraid of spiders and heights, which are very

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What are Some Powerful Ways to Become a Better Version of Myself?

woman with thumbs up to sky

No matter your circumstance, it’s always important to consistently challenge and improve yourself. Recovery is a wonderful time to focus on this, as therapy can provide the tools and support that you need. Forbes Magazine has provided several wonderful ways

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