What are Some Powerful Ways to Become a Better Version of Myself?

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No matter your circumstance, it’s always important to consistently challenge and improve yourself. Recovery is a wonderful time to focus on this, as therapy can provide the tools and support that you need. Forbes Magazine has provided several wonderful ways that you can become a better version of yourself:

  1. Visualize the life that would make you happiest. If you could imagine what would make you the happiest, what would it be? What type of career would you have? What type of partner would be by your side? What would you be receiving from your support system? Imagining this can help you decide what you need to do next to make that dream a reality.
  2. Re-examine those around you. Are the people you are currently surrounding yourself with benefitting your life and recovery? If not, reconsider if you need to keep these people close to you. You could also consider what type of friends you need that will support you and begin finding people that meet those needs.
  3. Develop the skills you need to achieve your life’s work. If you’re wanting to get into a certain profession, being volunteering at places that can help you develop experience towards that career. Take classes or read books that can give you more knowledge on the work you want to do in the future.
  4. Set habits that mirror your ideal life. If you could imagine yourself being incredibly happy in the future, start making steps and acting as if you already have that life. This will help you to adopt the steps that you need to make that dream a reality.
  5. Stay motivated. Nothing is more satisfying than being able to say that you’ve achieved your goals because you want to constantly be better. Even if you have past resentments, use that fire to fuel your success for the future.

Recovery can be a wonderful time for you to focus on bettering yourself. Your therapist is someone that you should be able to rely on to support your success, and your peers are likely trying to better themselves as well. Make the decision to place your health, happiness, and recovery as top priority.





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