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Navigating Relapse in Recovery

Navigating Relapse

The threat of relapse is a pervasive thought that can cloud your mind, starting from those initial painful withdrawal symptoms during detox and continuing throughout recovery. While unfortunate, relapses are a common occurrence in recovery, and there is no simple Read More ›

5 Ways to Overcome Cravings During Recovery

One of the most difficult aspects of recovery is overcoming cravings. These are strong desires that seem to appear out of nowhere and are difficult to resist. They are, however, not uncontrollable.  Learning to control urges is a crucial skill Read More ›

Avoiding Cravings at Social Events

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With concerts, festivals, and other gatherings now being scheduled again, the challenge of navigating social events without drinking or using them once again arises. These situations often feel triggering, especially for individuals in early recovery. For some, this may be Read More ›

Techniques for Dealing with Cravings


Substance abuse can have a powerful effect on both the mind and body – they have learned that drug use is “good” because of how dopamine influences addiction. Dopamine is released in your brain to promote the repetition of activities Read More ›

Will Cravings End?

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A craving is a chemical response in the brain with both psychological and physiological effects. Cravings are usually a sign that a chemical dependency has developed. When cravings come on it indicates a few other things. First, that the brain Read More ›

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