Building Boundaries in Recovery: Relapse Prevention

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Building Boundaries in Recovery: Relapse Prevention

As we progress through recovery, we learn more about ourselves; we learn more of what matters to us, what we struggle with in life as well as our personal beliefs about ourselves and life. Essentially, life is a classroom with so many different lessons – and for many people in recovery, the concept of boundaries is a bit blurry. Even after seeking treatment, it’s common for those in recovery to deal with cravings to use again; people, places, situations and emotions can spark that feeling to return to substance abuse, because that’s what’s made us feel comforted in the past. With this new stage of life, however, it’s important that you develop certain boundaries with yourself so that you can stay on the road to success.

According to the American Psychological Association (APA), highlights the work of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) in forming a relapse prevention plan, which truly helps those in recovery establish healthy boundaries with themselves. A scenario of a person who previously struggled with alcoholism, for example, may work on identifying several factors:

  •   The times of day they think about drinking
  •   Moods that bring out cravings to drink
  •   The risks of reverting to drinking again
  •   What a person could do to help themselves if they get the urge to drink again
  •   Signs (both behavioral and emotional) that a relapse is about to occur
  •   And more

As we learn about what sparks cravings for us, we can begin taking further action towards establishing healthy boundaries with clear actions so that we don’t slip back into old patterns of behavior. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime reports two main objectives for relapse prevention:

  1.     To prevent initial lapses from occurring after a person has declared a commitment to changing, and
  2.     To prevent any lapses that do occur from turning into a full relapse

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